HondaLink Driver Feedback System: What Does It Do?

2020 Honda CRV Hybrid Interior | Kansas City, MO

Have you been wondering how you can improve your driving skills? The HondaLink Driver Feedback System offers an easy, convenient way to do just that. This technology, which is available on your smartphone via the HondaLink app, keeps track of your driving habits, giving you a score for each trip you make, and provides you with tips on how to improve your driving.

Every time you drive with HondaLink activated, the program will generate a scorecard that looks at a range of factors, including trip distance, duration, speeding, hard braking, and hard accelerations. The better your driving habits, the better your score will be.

With this feature, you will even receive a weekly report card that will give you a single score summarizing the individual trip scores. This scorecard also will provide you with tips on how you can improve, helping you to acknowledge how you can become a better driver. Superior scores may even qualify you to receive insurance discounts.

The HondaLink Driver Feedback System is now available on the following Honda models, if the model is currently or was previously enrolled in the Security, Remote, or Concierge packages:

  • 2018 and newer Accord Touring
  • 2018 and newer Odyssey Touring
  • 2019 and newer Insight Touring
  • 2019 and newer Passport Touring
  • 2019 and newer Pilot Touring/Elite

If you’re interested in a Honda with these features, make sure you stop in to Honda of Tiffany Springs, and we can show you one of the many options available on our dealership’s lot.

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Formula 1 Technology Influences 2020 Honda Fit e:HEV

2020 Honda Fit | Kansas City, MO

Power and efficiency have come together with the 2020 Honda Fit e:HEV. Honda’s newest hybrid hatchback, which was unveiled during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, is offering track-inspired efficiency to consumers.

This electrified Honda combines a two-motor hybrid system with its 1.5-liter engine. It has also taken inspiration from the Honda Formula 1 program, offering three driving modes to choose from – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive, and Engine Drive. These modes allow you to pick the right power and efficiency combination for your driving needs.

Along with these driving modes, the e:HEV also has an electronic control system to help it seamlessly switch between these options.

“During a Formula 1 race weekend, teams have to manage very carefully how much fuel they use to comply with the sport’s regulations,” Yasuaki Asaki, the head of power unit development at Honda, explained, “In a race, we can divide the total fuel allowance over the number of laps, but there are going to be situations where a team might wish to use more fuel in order to get higher performance and in other parts of the race they will want to save fuel for later, while behind a safety car for example.”

By utilizing these practices from the Honda Formula 1 team, Asaki has managed to create a hybrid Fit that can “deliver the best possible power to efficiency ratio for the driver, in any required driving mode.”

While the 2020 Honda Fit e:HEV isn’t currently available in America, you can experience the Fit’s performance and efficiency for yourself at Honda of Tiffany Springs.

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New Honda AI Assistant Improves Voice-Recognition Tech

Honda Technology | Kansas City, MO
Honda Technology | Kansas City, MO

Honda is pairing with SoundHound Inc. to develop a new voice-enabled artificially intelligent assistant. The new Honda AI Assistant will support more-natural interactions and commands, allowing you to access media, features, and more without taking your hands off the wheel. On models like the Ridgeline, Civic Sedan, and others, driving will be easier and safer than ever before.

According to Business Insider, the new AI system has Speech-to-Meaning™ and Deep Meaning Understanding™ technologies to optimize your interactions. You can speak to your car’s voice-recognition system just like you would a real person. Honda hopes the technology will encourage more people to use voice recognition when they’re behind the wheel.

“Our Houndify Collective AI is a natural fit for automotive brands that aim to provide voice AI to drivers while differentiating, innovating and retaining ownership of their brands,” said Keyvan Mohajer, co-founder and CEO of SoundHound Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with Honda to further enhance the driving experience with the fastest and most accurate voice and AI technology on the market.”

Honda has been working with its partners through Honda Xcelerator, an open-innovation program that works to bring big companies together with smaller start-ups. This is just one of many ways Honda is revolutionizing the industry and one of the reasons you should check out the automaker’s latest advanced technologies at Honda of Tiffany Springs.

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Honda’s Smart Intersection Technology Looks to the Future

2019 Honda Passport Elite | Kansas City, MO
2019 Honda Passport Elite | Kansas City, MO

The small town of Marysville, Ohio is demonstrating the first use of Honda’s Smart Intersection technology. The town, which is home to about 24,000 people is also home to Honda manufacturing and research facilities.

The intersection in Marysville uses wireless communication system, in-vehicle telematics, infrastructure control systems, and computer vision recognition system. All these systems work together with the goal of improving overall city safety.

“Our vision of a smart intersection is one that can have non-connected road users — pedestrians, cyclists — work with those that are connected, like connected cars,” Ted Klaus, vice president of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas, explained in an interview with Digital Trends.

This means that both connected and non-connected vehicles will be tracked, using cameras and other elements to help protect things that cannot be controlled, like pedestrians, cyclists, or animals crossing the street.

Currently, the Marysville intersection is under surveillance from four high-resolution cameras with a 300-foot overhead view. These cameras work with the computer detection systems to determine what is coming into view and attempt to predict its behavior. For example, if it detects a person, it will predict where they are going to cross the street. It can also use vehicle data, like a car that is about the run a red light and transmit a warning to other drivers.

Make sure to stay tuned to Honda of Tiffany Spring’s blog for all the latest news about Honda’s advanced technologies.

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