Honda’s Smart Intersection Technology Looks to the Future

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The small town of Marysville, Ohio is demonstrating the first use of Honda’s Smart Intersection technology. The town, which is home to about 24,000 people is also home to Honda manufacturing and research facilities.

The intersection in Marysville uses wireless communication system, in-vehicle telematics, infrastructure control systems, and computer vision recognition system. All these systems work together with the goal of improving overall city safety.

“Our vision of a smart intersection is one that can have non-connected road users — pedestrians, cyclists — work with those that are connected, like connected cars,” Ted Klaus, vice president of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas, explained in an interview with Digital Trends.

This means that both connected and non-connected vehicles will be tracked, using cameras and other elements to help protect things that cannot be controlled, like pedestrians, cyclists, or animals crossing the street.

Currently, the Marysville intersection is under surveillance from four high-resolution cameras with a 300-foot overhead view. These cameras work with the computer detection systems to determine what is coming into view and attempt to predict its behavior. For example, if it detects a person, it will predict where they are going to cross the street. It can also use vehicle data, like a car that is about the run a red light and transmit a warning to other drivers.

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