Honda Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery Simplifies Deliveries

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid | Kansas City, MO

Honda owners no longer have to worry about an Amazon delivery sitting out on their front porch. The carmaker recently announced that it has teamed up with Amazon to offer a new service called Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery. This new program will allow select customers to get their packages delivered directly to the interior of their Honda car.

If you are a Honda owner who subscribes to the HondaLink® Remote Services connected-car system and has an Amazon Prime membership, then you might be eligible for this feature. You just a particular trim of one of the following Honda models: Accord, Accord Hybrid, Insight, Passport, Pilot, or Odyssey. You also must be located in one of 50 cities and surrounding areas that Key by Amazon covers.

This delivery program will require you to park within two blocks of the delivery address you choose when you order something from Amazon Prime. When delivery day comes, you will get an “Arriving Now” notification from the Key by Amazon app to let you know when the driver is heading to your vehicle.

When the driver arrives at your vehicle – after using its GPS location to determine which Honda is yours – the driver will scan the package and ask for the vehicle to be unlocked. The package will then be left inside your vehicle and the driver will ask for you to relock your Honda – it’s that easy.

To buy a Honda that’s compatible with in-car delivery services, or find out if your current Honda is, contact Honda of Tiffany Springs.

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